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Así es una vasectomía en tiempo real

En twitter hay de todo, lo último una vasectomía en tiempo real del usuario @kevleich.

Os transcribo sus twits al completo:

#kevsnip on way to docs 3:41 PM Jan 8th from TwitterBerry

#kevsnip checked in doc running late 3:50 PM

#kevsnip looking like he's an hour behind;welcome to the nhs 4:08 PM

#kevsnip ok I'm in gottastrip ptu on gown 5:17 PM

#kevsnip swabbed down with ice cold stuff ack 5:21 PM

#kevsnip manually locating tube on Mr Righty externaly by squeezing•not nice 5:27 PM

#kevsnip injection fucking ow 5:28 PM

#kevsnip doc tuts nurse says that's not good I say what? 5:35 PM

#kevsnip apparently Mr Rightys tubes are 'poor' nurse cheerfuky tells me am pissing blood 5:40 PM

#kevsnip feel very odd pulling as doc ties off ends like threading needle with wool 5:46 PM

#kevsnip 'let's get out of here before anything else goes wrong' jokes doc as he stitches Mr Righty. Ha ha ha 5:52 PM

#kevsnip injection for Mr Lefty. Hurts like a bastard 5:54 PM

#kevsnip this one easier doc humming happily 5:59 PM

#kevsnip am snipped and being stitchfd. Nurse tells me I bled a lot 6:04 PM

#kevsnip offered water. Shrug it off. Am manly about it #kevsnip 6:07 PM

#kevsnip nurse getr me says wants to see if bleeding when standing.am not. Prods me in balls.am still not.let's me get dressed 6:14 PM

#kevsnip am done. Off home to lie down 6:19 PM

#kevsnip says 'thanks' to everyone who read/winced/oooh/aaahed/arrgghhed along with me today. After pain is not agony but unpleasant. 10:21 PM Jan 8th from TweetDeck

#kevsnip again thanks to all - couldn' t read/reply at time but was good to come back and read all the @replies - sort of hahahaarrggghh 10:27 PM

#kevsnip spent most of today in bed. Mr Righty very painful. Guessing due to complication yesterday reulting in extra pulling/cutting 7:12 PM Jan 9th

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